My story – surviving redundancy after a baby

Ever wondered what prompted me to start my business? Well here’s the full story, in my guest blog post for That Works For Me. I was very suddenly made redundant by my employer of 15 years, while at home looking after my baby daughter. Here’s how things unfolded:

“Living in an exhausted, hormonal, loved-up baby-bubble, the absolute last thing I was expecting was to be made redundant…..”


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For anyone who’s looking for flexible work, That Works For Me offers a supportive and affordable platform that provides skilled individuals and businesses the opportunity to work together. The platform is for freelance or project work and employment – the only requirement is that the work is flexible. Flexible working means the freedom of sharing, moving or rethinking the 9 to 5 in order to suit an employee’s needs.

Setting up a profile is simple… enter your details, set your preference to ‘seeking employment’ or ‘seeking freelance work’ – which you can change at any time to suit your needs. Tag your profile with the skills, sectors and specialisms you’re known for and you’re good to go. You’ll be visible to businesses and recruiters looking for people like you, and they can invite you to quote on a project or apply for a role.

So, if you’re a full-time parent seeking flexible work, or a professional just looking for flexible work to enable you to launch side-hustle, or just introduce a it more balance into your life, check them out.