How to repurpose blog content

Maximise your content and get more bang for your buck.

Writing quality content that stands out in a saturated digital space is tough and time-consuming – so make sure every word counts with these simple ways to repurpose, reuse and recycle your beautiful blog posts.  

Reuse, recycle and repurpose your content
Blogging is brilliant for your business
. So the first thing to do with every blog you write is broadcast it to the max and ensure it reaches your target audience. Share, share, share that new content wherever your ideal client is likely to be – your email subscriber list, Instagram, Twitter, local or business Facebook groups, networking groups and so on. Use relevant hashtags to widen your reach. And if your target market uses Linked In, copy and paste every fresh piece of content into a new Linked In article.

The most ripe content for repurposing is my absolute favourite kind – evergreen. Quality blog content should ideally have longevity – save the short-shelf-life copy for social media. 

Here are some simple ways to work smarter – not harder – with your digital content, and get maximum mileage for minimum effort…

    1. Check your stats
      Which are your most popular blog posts? Regularly re-share these on relevant social channels. Research by Co-Schedule found that sharing the same social post multiple times drove 192% more click-throughs. Don’t worry about being repetitive – organic reach isn’t what it was, so only around 6% of your followers will see every post you publish. And it takes an average of 12 social media touchpoints on a single message for people to convert – people need to see the same message repeatedly before they’re likely to take action. 
    2. Read the news
      Find new ways to give old content fresh relevance with a topical facelift. Keep your eyes and ears primed for newsworthy nuggets that relate to your business, service or product. Then reangle a relevant blog, rewrite the intro and re-share it with a new context. 
    3. Chop it up
      Cut longer blog posts down into listicles, hacks or bite-sized top tips to make them more shareable and widen that reach.

    4. Flip it
      Take Missy Elliott’s advice and turn your blog on its head – switch it around and adapt it into a fresh piece of content. Minimal extra effort for a big payback. For example, reverse ‘top 10 copywriting tips’ into ‘10 copywriting fails to avoid’. 
    5. Resurrect
      Inject older, unloved, more tired blog posts with new statistics or research, or find a fresh angle. Make it relevant to a new audience and a new era, then share it with all your new followers. 
    6. Perfect
      Done is better than perfect – so there are probably plenty of blogs you’d LOVE to improve. Revisit these old friends and spend the time on them you wish you’d had the first time around. Add more detail, research, and commentary. Pimp and reshare.

      blog-scrabble-wood copy


    7. Write a spin-off
      Are there elements of any of your blogs that you could flesh out further, add more detail to, and develop into shiny, brand-new blog posts? 
    8. Talk to the experts
      Add some expert opinion to an older blog post to give it more weight and authority, then re-broadcast. 
    9. Reformat
      The potential here is HUGE. Think about how you can present the same content in a different way, to reach a new or wider audience. Publishing duplicate content on the same platform can negatively impact SEO, so switch the format. Turn written content into visual content. Different people consume content in different ways, so this also provides an opportunity to engage a totally different audience. Why not convert each of your blogs into one or more of the following: 
  • Infographic
  • Video (ideally with subtitles/captions – and include a transcript in the description for Youtube)
  • Facebook/Instagram Live
  • Podcast
  • Pinterest board
  • Q&A
  • ‘How to’ guide
  • PDF/lead magnet
  • Webinar
  • Online course
  • Guest blog
  • Slideshow for Slideshare
  • Graphics 

I hope that gives you lots of ideas and inspiration. You’ll find more blogging tips here.

If you need help with building a blogging strategy for your business, SEO-keyword research, or content production, send me a message. I’d love to help.