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How’s your father?

Happy Father’s Day to my dad – and happy Fathers’ Day to everyone else’s. Father’s Day or Fathers’ Day? Does it even matter, and does anyone care? As Fathers’ Day exists to big up all the fathers, not just mine, I always write it with a plural apostrophe. After all, April Fools’ Day isn’t just for… Continue reading How’s your father?

Let there be light

When I worked in a corporate office, it would have been easier to find the holy grail than secure a permanent window seat. To be in with the slightest shot of access to daylight when there was a desk reshuffle, you’d have to be very senior (or bribe someone very senior), charm the facilities manager… Continue reading Let there be light

Top 10 company copywriting mistakes

I was invited to guest on the awesome All things IC blog, by founder Rachel Miller, to talk about the 10 most common mistakes that companies make with their copy. Here’s the link if you fancy finding out what these are: All Things IC Blog.